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Morris Dancing is part of our cultural heritage and is free to try with most sides.

Dancers and musicians are always welcome to come and see us when they are in the area and we practice on Thursday evenings at the Unitarian Church Hall in Hassocks. Our practice season is September to April with our dance out season late April to the end of July. The best time to enquire about joining is just before or during our practice season.


Before you come to see us it is best to phone the Squire first to say you would like to come.

Morris dancing is elegant, energetic, with leaps, jumps and turns and you really need to be agile and fit before joining a side – we have a saying, ‘Get fit to come to Morris, not come to Morris to get fit’. It is recommended that you wear something loose with supportive trainers.

If you enjoy the challenge of learning something new, keeping the tradition alive and having fun along the way, then our Squire will tell you the best time if you want to join.

After practice, we often retire to the White Horse pub in Ditchling for some much needed refreshments.

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